Dog Family

Dog as a Parent

Dogs always put their family first. They are wonderfully supportive parents who take great pride in the happiness and well-being of their children. They are selfless parents, content to wear the same old clothes so their children may have the stylish new ones. These parents make terrific, stoic role models for their children and keep close bonds with their offspring well after they’ve grown up.

Dog as a Child

Dog children are creative, able to entertain themselves for hours on end. They don’t mind playing by themselves, often inventing games and puzzles while doing so. They are responsible children who love to take on and complete as many tasks as possible for it gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Dog Friend

Dogs are so easy to get along with and generally have a ton of friends. They are supportive and calming and make exceptional friends. They don’t hold grudges or bear any bad feelings towards anyone who has treated them respectfully and justly. Dogs are excellent listeners, offering an ear to anyone in need. They are held in high regard by their friends and are loyal, honest friends.

Dog Home Life

Dogs like clean residences. Not only straightened-up, but also deep cleaned. Changed sheets, washed clothes, dusted blinds and wiped down mirrors are only a few of the Dogs weekly chores. His home must be well-organized and easy to navigate all of the time. Dogs want to be comfortable and take luxury in overstuffed pillows, big, cushy couches and oversized recliners. Although they are open-minded, Dogs prefer to stick with traditional decor when decorating a room.

Dog on Vacation

These people are people watchers. They are content watching different people walk by, listening to their conversations, watching their reactions. Dogs would enjoy a vacation with the entire family more than a romantic getaway. In this situation, Dogs are sure to make everyone happy by incorporating everybody’s tastes and ideas into each thing they do together.