Horse Family

Horse as a Parent

Horses are notorious for their ability to do several things at one time. They can carry on a conversation, watch the news, fold the laundry and watch the kids, all at once. These abilities certainly come in handy when raising a child. Horse parents work very hard to make sure their children are intellectually and creatively stimulated and to make sure they depend only on themselves when problem-solving or figuring something out. They feel strongly that children should be independent and should be taught basic principles that will enable them to depend more on themselves than on anyone else. If Horse parents are not careful, this very tenet may case them to appear cool, unsentimental parents concerned more with helping themselves than with helping their children.

Horse as a Child

Horse children are chatty! At an early age these kids begin gurgling and “talking” to themselves. They love to hear their own voice and so will babble for hours without saying anything at all. Eventually, these children will make great language scholars who will excel at communications. Horse children are as independent as possible and will fight for their rights if they feel they’ve been wronged. They will also rebel if they feel justice has not been served.

Horse Friend

Horses generally seek the company of others and do not like being alone for any particular amount of time. Horses enjoy group activities and despite their competitive nature, like to be a part of the team rather than the captain of it. Horse people don’t have trouble making friends and often meet many in the various clubs and organizations they belong to.

Horse Home Life

Horses love company and therefore will always welcome visitors in for a hearty chat or a wholesome meal. As aforementioned, Horses don’t always finish what they start, especially if something more exciting came along, so there are likely to be various unfinished projects in their homes. In addition, there may be a few dirty dishes in the sink or a couple of unwashed loads of laundry, as housework and chores aren’t the Horse’s forte. They fill their homes with autumn colors such as gold and orange and create an atmosphere that is both comfortable and beautiful.

Horse on Vacation

People born in the Year of the Horse enjoy traveling. They like to take off spontaneously. Horses like to take active vacations, preferring to camp, ski and hike rather than to sit on the beach in the sun all day. Their getaways usually include a cultural event such as a musical or a festival, as Horses like to be entertained.