Sheep Family

Sheep as a Parent

Sheep are natural caregivers. They automatically turn on their parental instincts and take on parental responsibilities. They are family people who often have large families with unusual numbers of children. They blanket their children with love and affection. They expect their children to use their manners and to be polite and respectful to others.

Sheep generally have long-lasting, healthy relationships with their own parents. They often settle down close to where they grew up or close to their own parents so their children can be close to their grandparents. Often too, Sheep move elderly family members into their own homes to take care of and nurture them back to health. They encourage their children to establish and maintain close relationships with family and stress the importance of this for the future.

Sheep as a Child

Sheep children are very sensitive. They cry at the drop of a hat, especially if their feelings are hurt or they are embarrassed. Often they will cry to get what they want. They are dependent on their parents and love to be affectionate with their family, especially their parents. They do not exhibit a great deal of self-confidence so parents and teachers are generally responsible for encouraging them to bring out their artistic natures. They are well-behaved, well-mannered children, who despise aggression and conflict.

Sheep Friend

Sheep make great hosts. They can adapt to any situation and generally enjoy any company they keep. They like throwing parties, but do not want to be in the spotlight the whole time. Sheep are sociable creatures, but they must really get to know you and the territory before engaging in any sort of committed situation. They are private and do not generally tell you everything there is to know about them until they have tested the waters and are sure they want to reveal themselves to you. Therefore, becoming a close friend of the Sheep is a taxing process and many do not have the patience to wait. Consequently, the Sheep has many acquaintances and few really good friends.

Sheep Home Life

Sheep truly enjoy being at home. They spend their time there doing arts and crafts, cooking and knitting. Sheep are most comfortable on their couches in the privacy of their homes, relaxed and tranquil. Their homes are as simple as they like to feel. They are elegant and timeless, and their homes reflect their artistic flair. The Sheep will go to any expense to be comfortable and to enjoy convenience.

Sheep on Vacation

As Sheep find safety in numbers, they also like to travel with other people. Sheep enjoy guided tours of artistic places like museums, gardens or theaters. They are also drawn to water and thus enjoy vacationing at the beach or on a cruise.